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Today’s Digital Threat landscape has profoundly changed. Everything is connected and we depend on technology for all that we do.  Cyber criminals are now exploiting the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to launch more sophisticated attacks on corporations around the world.


CY-MIND is an advanced communications intelligence solution which automates the analysis and detection of irregular behaviour in your data, using AI.

CY-MIND uncovers anomalies which indicate potentially suspicious or malicious activity that is often undetected by conventual security tools.

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CY-MIND data points from sources across the network in real-time to discover anomalies. It communicates its findings to the security team in digestible alerts, reducing the security team’s time-to-meaning. Because it doesn’t depend on rules and signatures updated by humans, or on threat intelligence, it is able to identify and contain potential threats that the security team wouldn’t know to search for.

CYDALIC Brisbane Cyber Security Experts

Continuously monitors your attack surface for risks, high-impact vulnerabilities and external threats

CYDALIC Brisbane Cyber Security Experts

You retain the intellectual property as resources change roles or leave your company

CYDALIC Brisbane Cyber Security Experts

Combines human expertise with the speed and scale of AI - allowing analysts to focus on high priority tasks

The smart way to detect and respond to Enterprise attacks

CY-MIND is built to Identify threats and  avoid disruption. CY-MIND can perform the heavy lifting on behalf of human teams, connecting the dots between dozens of singular events and reducing them to a handful of high priority incidents for human review.  Furthermore, the data belongs to you - you simply use our AI enabled platform to identify threats faster.  
CYDALIC Brisbane Cyber Security Experts
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