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The smart way to identify sophisticated digital espionage, critical infrastructure and enterprise attacks

CY-MIND 360 A  Communication Insights Solution For Cyber Security Teams

A sophisticated Artificial Intelligence powered platform providing threat intelligence  for all  your connected assets on fixed, wireless and radio networks providing actionable insights.



Radio Frequency

Attack Surface

Internet & External Dependencies

CYDALIC Brisbane Cyber Security Experts
CYDALIC Brisbane Cyber Security Experts
CYDALIC Brisbane Cyber Security Experts
CYDALIC Brisbane Cyber Security Experts
CYDALIC Brisbane Cyber Security Experts
CYDALIC Brisbane Cyber Security Experts

Connecting singular events - highlighting high priority incidents for human review

CYDALIC Brisbane Cyber Security Experts

Combines human expertise with the speed and scale of AI

CYDALIC Brisbane Cyber Security Experts

Faster Detection & Response

CYDALIC Brisbane Cyber Security Experts

Retention of Intellectual Property from skilled resources 


Your Data. 
Our AI.

Always on, always evolving

CY-MIND 360 analyses thousands of metrics to reveal subtle deviations that may signal an evolving threat - even leveraging emerging techniques.  It distinguishes between malicious and benign behaviour, identifying attacks that often go unnoticed by traditional security tools.

CYDALIC Brisbane Cyber Security Experts
cyberpredict IT
CYDALIC Brisbane Cyber Security Experts
Black and White Dark Minimalist Company

Customers We Protect

Domains We Protect

Cydalics works with customers from various industries to identify Digital Espionage, Critical Infrastructure and Enterprise attacks.

CYDALIC Brisbane Cyber Security Experts

Digital Espionage

Espionage is the covert, and sometimes illegal, practice of investigating competitors to gain a business advantage. The target of an investigation might be a trade secret, such as a proprietary product specification or formula, or information about business plans.

CYDALIC Brisbane Cyber Security Experts

Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure refers to the digital and information technology systems, assets, and networks that are essential to the operation of societies and economies. This infrastructure spans across several sectors, including energy, water, transportation, banking and finance, healthcare, communications, and government services. 

CYDALIC Brisbane Cyber Security Experts


Enterprises refer to the comprehensive digital backbone of a business or organisation, encompassing all its information technology (IT) assets, systems, and data communications. These networks enable internal and external communications, data management, and access to applications and services crucial for day-to-day operations.


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  • What makes CYDALICS different from other cyber security technology companies?
    At CYDALICS, we stand out from other cyber security technology companies due to our innovative approach to protecting businesses from cyber threats. Our team of cyber security experts focuses on not only providing cutting-edge technological solutions but also prioritising a deep understanding of each client's unique needs and potential vulnerabilities. We work closely with our clients to develop customised strategies that are delivered through one of our four service offerings. Our commitment to staying ahead of the ever-evolving cyber landscape and our dedication to building strong partnerships with our clients truly set us apart in the industry. With CYDALICS, you can trust that your business is in good hands, benefiting from our proactive and holistic cyber security solutions.
  • How do you work with MSSPs, and what benefits does it offer to MSSPs?
    Our partnerships with MSSPs are designed to foster collaboration and mutual success. MSSPs gain access to our cutting-edge cybersecurity technology, enabling them to offer advanced managed services to their clients. The program includes comprehensive training, dedicated support, and joint marketing efforts, empowering MSSPs to differentiate their offerings and drive value for their clients.
  • How does your AI-driven technology platform enhance cybersecurity for critical infrastructure and enterprises?
    Our AI-driven technology platform employs advanced machine learning algorithms to continuously analyse network traffic, detect anomalies, and predict potential cyber threats. By identifying patterns indicative of malicious activities, we provide proactive threat intelligence, helping safeguard critical infrastructure and enterprises from evolving cyber risks.
  • What Services do you offer?
    CyberSure: Machine Learning Enabled Post Attack Assurance In the aftermath of a cyber attack, ensuring complete remediation is paramount. Introducing Cybersure - Cydalics' post-attack assurance service. Ensure complete post-attack recovery with our AI-powered service that delves deep, validating security controls and ensuring no remnants of the attacker remain, fortifying your defences for the future. CyberSight: Forensic & Incident Insights During a cyber incident, understanding the situation and taking decisive action is essential. Cydalics' Cybersight service offers a blend of cutting-edge technology and expert analysis to guide you through the incident. As a pioneering cybersecurity entity, Cydalics employs AI-driven big data analytics, focusing on communication intelligence and cyber threats. RiskScape: Comprehensive Risk, Compliance & Dependency Insight In an era where cybersecurity challenges are ever-evolving, our service goes beyond traditional assessments, diving deep into your network outlining its exposures and interdependencies with external parties. Harnessing the power of Cydalics' state-of-the-art AI-driven analytics, RiskScape provides a multi-dimensional view of your organization's risk landscape. We not only pinpoint potential vulnerabilities but also illuminate concerns arising from third-party associations, ensuring no stone is left unturned. CyberCheck: Due Diligence insights. In the high-stakes world of due diligence and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) evaluations, understanding an organization's cybersecurity posture is crucial. Presenting "Cydalics DueDiligence Defender", your premier solution for assessing the robustness of network protections. Whether you are an insurance company vetting a potential client or an enterprise navigating the complexities of an M&A transaction, our service offers a comprehensive analysis of how effectively an organization has fortified its digital assets.
  • Where are you located?
    Our head office is located at Level 14/167 Eagle Street, Brisbane Qld 4000. We can be contacted on:
  • What measures do you take to ensure compliance with privacy laws while providing cybersecurity solutions?
    We prioritize privacy and compliance in our cybersecurity solutions. Our AI-driven platform is designed to respect privacy laws and regulations. We implement anonymisation techniques and adhere to strict data protection protocols, ensuring that our cybersecurity services comply with global privacy standards.
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