Encrypted Traffic Analytics

Never have Cyber attacks been more successful 

Cyber attackers have an asymmetric advantage in the cyber war. Today’s Cyber Attack tools and vectors are more sophisticated than many traditional defender products. Individuals and Nation States can even access advanced Cyber Attack technology ‘as a service’.

Cyber attackers exploit the adoption of modern encryption techniques and complex IT ecosystems to circumvent the task of identifying the malware. Traditional Cyber Security tools lack the edge to stay up to date with advanced attack methods. Greater intelligence across a wider range of Cyber Security dimensions is required along with the ability to glean insights from network traffic data in advanced ways.

No-one is exempt from the risk of Cyber-attack and modern Cyber threats can wreak real havoc, damage, cost and suffering. We at Cydalics believe that our modern, advanced and continually adaptive methods of detecting Cyber threats is the answer to increasing your arsenal of Cyber defence weaponry.

Why Cydalics

At Cydalics, we have built an advanced Cyber Security network threat detection capability from the ground up. We utilise advanced data analytics methods and deep machine learning methods, combined with a range of other intelligence and augmentation to detect cyber security compromises on your network which are currently going undetected.

Our technology platform does not decrypt encrypted data so your business and customer privacy is assured. Our system is already proven to function with a high level of accuracy in detecting network threats as well as fingerprinting suspicious activity about compromised or malicious end-points which are presently unknown to traditional threat intelligence products and services.

Our mission is to augment human capability in cyber security, by providing a frictionless user experience to advanced analytics, intelligence, technology and security know-how.

Encrypted Traffic Analytics

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Cydalics has developed an advanced data analytics and machine learning technology platform which processes industry standard encrypted network traffic flow data. The Cydalics platform characterises communications traffic behaviour to distinguish potentially malicious activity from normal ‘good’ traffic and then provides specific clear insights as to where the undetected Cyber threat is residing.

The platform uses powerful Deep Packet Inspection engines, known network threat intelligence, ongoing real-time global cyber threat reconnaissance as well Cydalics' own powerful deep learning models and advanced data analytics techniques to automate the complex task normally undertaken by experience Cyber data analyst experts. The Cydalics platform enables valuable and scarce Cyber Security experts to focus on taking remedial action.?

Advanced Network Analytics


Organizations used to ask ‘if’ they will be hacked. This turned into ‘when’ - now it is ‘how often and how bad will it be?'.

​According to Austcyber, ‘Cyber security spending is soaring and set to increase by 86 per cent to US$270 billion by 2026’.


Despite record Cyber Security spending of US$150billion in 2021, Cyber-attacks are more frequent and effective than ever. Many Cyber-threats are hiding in unsecured endpoints using encrypted communications to create havoc.

​Expertise in analysing network traffic, application behaviour across all communications protocols is key to finding malicious activity. Cyber data analyst expertise is in short supply globally and therefore expensive. Cyber Security technology solutions collect and process vast amounts of data, which is slow and expensive.

​At Cydalics we provide advanced network data analytics, deep insights and actionable information when you are under pressure trying to contain a cyber-attack. We can rapidly support your cyber security team in identifying the root cause.

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Discover Hidden Risks


Business and Operational Technology networks continue to evolve in response to accelerated demands for everything to be connected. Applications used to either run on servers in your own data room or in the Cloud. Now and into the future applications will be distributed across device endpoints, Edge processing platforms and into Global Clouds.

You could be exposed to the risk of Cyber threats and along with them, many undesirable consequences from a successful attack. Legislative and regulatory obligations place responsibility on Directors and Executive Leaders to ensure that appropriate security controls, breach reporting procedures and privacy protection policies and controls are in place. Organisational and individual penalties apply for failure of these compliance requirements.

So how do you know your Cyber Security controls are working? An objective and independent data based validation of the effectiveness of your security controls will give you confidence that your networks are protected. At Cydalics we work with you to understand your network and technology  landscape, and we analyse your network traffic to quickly determine the efficacy of your security controls, providing actionable recommendations for you to better protect your digital and data assets.