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Ensuring a Clean Slate: Post-Cyberattack Measures Every Company Should Take

What to do In the wake of a cyberattack?

The immediate focus is often on mitigating the damage and restoring normalcy. However, a critical aspect that demands equal attention is ensuring that no remnants of the attacker linger within the company's systems. Post attack assurance services are a critical strategy. Safeguarding against persistent threats and potential future attacks requires a comprehensive and meticulous approach.

Post Cyber Attack Assurance Services

Here is a guide on what companies should consider post-cyberattack to guarantee a clean slate:

1. Incident Response and Containment:

  • Swift Action:

    • Act promptly to contain the incident and prevent further unauthorized access. Isolate affected systems to minimize the scope of the attack.

  • Forensic Analysis:

    • Conduct a detailed forensic analysis to understand the attack vectors, methods employed, and the extent of compromise. This analysis lays the foundation for effective remediation.

2. Complete System Scan:

  • Endpoint Security:

    • Perform thorough scans on all endpoints to detect and remove any malicious software or malware that might have been injected during the attack.

  • Network Infrastructure:

    • Scrutinize the entire network infrastructure for signs of compromise. Identify and eliminate any unauthorized access points or backdoors that attackers might have established.

3. Patch and Update:

  • Software and Applications:

    • Immediately patch vulnerabilities exploited during the attack. Ensure that all software and applications are up-to-date with the latest security patches.

  • Password Changes:

    • Enforce password changes for all users to nullify any compromised credentials. Implement strong password policies to enhance overall security.

4. Rebuild and Restore:

  • Reconstruct Systems:

    • Consider rebuilding compromised systems from known-good backups. This ensures a clean environment without the risk of hidden malware or persistent threats.

  • Data Integrity Checks:

    • Verify the integrity of restored data to confirm that it has not been tampered with. Thoroughly assess critical files and databases for any signs of manipulation.

5. Security Awareness Training:

  • Employee Training:

    • Reinforce security awareness training for employees. Educate them about the attack, common tactics employed by cybercriminals, and best practices for maintaining a secure work environment.

  • Phishing Defence:

    • Emphasize the importance of vigilant email practices to prevent falling victim to phishing attempts, which are common precursors to cyberattacks.

6. Continuous Monitoring:

  • Security Controls:

    • Implement continuous monitoring solutions to detect any unusual activities or anomalies in real-time. Anomaly detection can help identify potential threats before they escalate.

  • Threat Intelligence Integration:

    • Integrate threat intelligence feeds to stay informed about emerging threats and vulnerabilities relevant to your industry.

7. Post-Incident Evaluation:

  • Lessons Learned:

    • Conduct a comprehensive post-incident evaluation. Identify weaknesses in cybersecurity measures, response protocols, and employee awareness. Use these insights to fortify future defences.


A cyberattack is a wakeup call for organisations to strengthen their security posture. By diligently following these post-cyberattack measures, companies can not only recover from the immediate impact but also fortify their defences against persistent threats. Cydalics' post attack assurance service is great for companies who wish to have peace of mind post attack.

Ultimately, it is an ongoing commitment to cybersecurity that will safeguard the company's digital assets and ensure a resilient and secure future.


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