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Harnessing AI for Effective Post-Cyber Incident Focus: Guiding Threat Analysts to the Right Areas


In the wake of a cyber incident, timely and effective response is essential to mitigate damage and prevent further threats. Threat analysts are at the forefront of these efforts, deciphering the complexity of the situation and guiding the organization's response. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerful tool in ensuring that threat analysts can focus on the right areas during and after a cyber incident.

Cydalics:  Guiding Threat Analysts to the Right Areas

This blog explores the role of AI in providing valuable insights and guidance to make post-incident analysis more efficient and productive.

  1. Automated Threat Prioritization: One of the immediate challenges during a cyber incident is dealing with a barrage of alerts and security events. AI can assist in sorting and prioritizing these alerts based on their severity and relevance. By assigning risk scores and identifying the most critical threats, AI streamlines the analyst's focus, allowing them to direct their efforts where they matter most.

  2. Behavioural Analysis and Anomaly Detection During A Cyber Incident: AI systems excel at monitoring user and system behaviour. They can identify deviations from the norm, which may signal malicious activity. During a cyber incident, AI can help threat analysts quickly pinpoint unusual patterns and behaviours, reducing the time spent sifting through massive data sets.

  3. Threat Intelligence Integration: AI can effortlessly integrate with external threat intelligence sources. This means that during an incident, analysts can access up-to-date information about emerging threats and threat actors, ensuring they have the most current knowledge to guide their investigations and responses.

  4. Response Automation: AI-driven incident response can take swift, predefined actions when threats are detected. This automation helps analysts to focus on more complex and nuanced aspects of incident response, rather than dealing with routine, time-consuming tasks.

  5. Threat Hunting and Forensics Support: AI can assist threat analysts in threat hunting by rapidly identifying suspicious patterns or activities. AI's assistance in early detection helps analysts proactively seek out hidden threats and vulnerabilities, focusing their attention where it is most needed.

  6. Pattern Recognition: AI systems can recognize patterns in historical incident data and correlate these with ongoing incidents. This assists threat analysts in linking current attacks to previous ones and, thus, providing a broader context for the ongoing incident.

  7. Streamlined Reporting and Documentation: AI can assist in the generation of comprehensive incident reports and documentation. This not only saves time but also ensures that all relevant details are documented accurately for later analysis and potential legal or regulatory requirements.

  8. Enhanced Threat Analysis Efficiency: AI reduces the need for manual, repetitive tasks, enabling threat analysts to concentrate on higher-level cognitive functions. This allows them to make sense of complex threats, craft effective response strategies, and ultimately safeguard the organization.


In the realm of cybersecurity, time is of the essence during and after a cyber incident. AI's role in ensuring that threat analysts focus on the right areas is invaluable. By automating alert prioritization, facilitating behavioral analysis, integrating with threat intelligence, streamlining response actions, and assisting in pattern recognition, AI enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of threat analysts. As the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve, AI's capabilities in post-incident analysis and response guidance will become increasingly indispensable in safeguarding organizations against the ever-present digital risks.

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